corporate policies

message from our CEO

Thank you very much for visiting our GAMI Group website. If this is the first time you visit us, I am pleased to present many opportunities that we offer to help you have quality medical care, as well as provide your company with processes, protocols, and medical follow-ups to the care of your employees through the category of incidents, accidents and occupational diseases. If you have been here before, you will find the website more useful and extensive.

Grupo GAMI is a pioneer in a health care organization registered in the Mexican Republic, with an extraordinary reputation for service and medical excellence. reflects the commitment to excellence with reliable information on a wide variety of health topics; our site is a 24/7 health resource center.

We faithfully believe in the quality of services and our ability to respond to meet customer requirements, generating shared value for all our groups, being the cornerstones of our business and long-term relationships with customers.

  1. Ethics, Conduct and Transparency Policy
  2. Quality Policy
  3. Health and Safety Policy
  4. Information Security Policy
  5. Drug and Alcohol Consumption Policy
  6. Leadership Development Policy
  7. Functional Development Policy
  8. Labor Conditions and Human Rights Policy.
  9. Environmental Policy
  10. Quality Policy